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Shenzhenshihong Yixing Hardware Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Shenzhenshihong Yixing Hardware Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional hardware products manufacturer. Companies with a variety of high efficiency, high standards of advanced machinery and equipment, with independent research and development capabilities. Involved in the field include: mold design and manufacturing, stamping, machining, springs, screws and various types of surface treatment, and other metal technology. The main products are: a variety of standard and non-standard screws, springs, battery shrapnel, lathe products, stamping parts for welding, security, intelligent control, automotive, machinery, electronics, toys and other industries need the best hardware accessories select.

The company has a high cohesion of the corporate culture, the use of advanced ERP management software, with norms, improve and efficient quality management system and professional and technical personnel so that customers receive the satisfaction of products and quality service. Companies in the people-centered concept, with a "unity and pragmatic, innovative refinement," the outstanding management team and a number of "plant for home, love and respect their jobs," the high-quality staff.

The company consistently adhere to“Quality first, the customer first, the integrity of excellence, perfect service!”The purpose, enthusiasm for the majority of customer service. To build friendly relations of cooperation, supply key to achieve win-win strategy, and customers go hand in hand, create brilliant!

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